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Metallics | Side Table Re~design

Hi friends!  I hope you’re all having a good week!  It’s still cold here in Alabama so I’ve been working inside as of late.  I have a fun Metallic side table Re-design to share with you today!  This finish is actually good for any piece of furniture.  It’s absolutely gorgeous!!

Here’s what I started with. 

This little pedestal table was given to me by my mother-in-law way back when Ralph and I first got married; so, I’ve had it for over 20 years.  I’d say it was long overdue for a re~design!

Here’s what it looks like now!


    • Wood table

    • Gloves/mask

    • Cleaner/degreaser

    • Sponges

    • Bucket of water

    • Shop towels/lint free cloths

    • Terrycloth rags/cheesecloth

    • Staining pads

    • Sander/sandpaper

    • Primer

    • Chip brush

    • Foam roller

    • Synthetic brush

    • Styrofoam bowl

    • Metallic paint

    • Metallic glaze

    • Topcoat/sealeR

    • Gold gilding wax


Prepping a piece of furniture prior to  painting is so important to your overall finish!  So, the first thing I do is clean the piece.  I use a solution of TSP mixed with water.  I put the solution in a spray bottle and scrub it down with sponges I get from the Dollar Tree.  They come in a pack of six and one side is abrasive which is great for cleaning!  Once it’s good and clean, I wipe off any residue with a wet rag and then dry with a towel.  Make sure it’s completely dry before continuing.


Once dry, you will want to sand your piece to smooth out any rough spots in the wood and remove any shine you may have.  I have an orbital sander I use for this.  I usually use a 220 grit sanding pad to get a smooth finish.  I also love the flexible sanding sheets that I find at Lowe’s.  These are great for those hard to reach areas.  After sanding, wipe off all sanding dust with a slightly damp shop towel or lint free cloth.


Priming is so important, especially if you’re painting old, dark wood.  

Now, using a shellac based primer and a chip brush, I brush on 2-3 coats, allowing each coat to dry. Here’s the primer that I love!

For any flat areas, I prefer to use a roller.  I wouldn’t use anything expensive because you’ll want to throw away whatever you use.  I painted on 3 coats of primer (lightly sanding in between each coat with a 220 sanding sheet )for this table because it had tannins that kept bleeding through.  If I hadn’t primed, these tannins would have bled through my metallic paint!  


Okay, time to Paint!  My favorite metallic paints are from Paint Couture!  I mean, they are gorgeous!!  I used the color Stardust for my table.  If you would like to see what I’m talking about, you can get that paint here.  

I like to use a nice synthetic brush when I paint.  My favorites are Wooster, Zibra, and Paint Pixie.  The coverage of Paint Couture metallics is really nice!  One coat would probably work, but I always do two, again, lightly sanding between each coat.  TIP:  TO PREVENT BRUSHSTROKES, ADD A LITTLE FLOETROL TO YOUR PAINT!


The Stardust metallic paint is so pretty, that it’s sometimes hard when I decide to glaze over it!  I used Glaze couture in Zinc and it is magical!  It’s so easy to use I just loved how it turned out!  I brushed it on, working on small sections at a time, and then wiped it off using a terry cloth rag (cheesecloth is great too).  For the top of the table, I actually used a damp staining pad.  I found that this gives me a less streaky look and I have more working time.  You can get the Glaze Couture here if you’d like to try it!


The glaze itself is a topcoat, but I like to add a little more protection with Paint Couture’s topcoat.  I pour some of the topcoat into a styrofoam bowl and dampen one of my sponges from the dollar tree (squeeze all water out).  I then dip my damp sponge into the bowl of topcoat and apply to my piece in long even strokes, moving gently from one end to the next.  Do not overwork it!  Let it dry, slightly sand, then apply another coat.  This topcoat is amazing and you can get it here.


Wax is always last!  I wanted a little more on my table so I decided to use rub-n-buff around the edges.  The color I chose was gold leaf and you can find it at Hobby Lobby.


Let me know what you think of this finish! Have a Great Day!!


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