About Me

Hi!  I'm so glad that you took the time to visit me at Weathered Wings Furniture and Home Decor!  My name is Joanie Sullivan and this is where I will share my DIY projects, my painted furniture, my drawings & paintings, and anything else that I happen to enjoy!  Along with  all things creative, I also enjoy watching college football,  finding bargains at Homegoods, working out and (most of all) spending time with my family.

I'm married to a wonderful husband, Ralph, and we have two amazing daughters, Nikki and Ally.  We live in Birmingham, Alabama.   Ralph and I are huge Bama fans ( We both are graduates from U of A).  Nikki is a student at Ole Miss (so we pull for them as well), and Ally is a student at Alabama!

My profession has been Accounting...I know, weird, but I have always loved to paint!  Early on, I mostly faux-painted walls.  After I had kids, I took Art lessons for many years and really enjoyed drawing and painting.   More recently, I've been painting furniture!  I've painted several pieces in my house, as well as, my kitchen cabinets.  I even painted my  oven!  Cooking is something that I don't enjoy so I wasn't too concerned if I messed it up! Ha! See how it turned out in my latest Projects!

Thanks again for visiting and check out all my projects!

Today is a good day to do something Creative!